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Course Description

Hadoop Big Data Training course helps you learn the core techniques and concepts of Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem. It equips you with in-depth knowledge of writing codes using MapReduce framework and managing large data sets with HBase. The topics covered in this course mainly includes- Hive, Pig and setup of Hadoop Cluster.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem
  • Work with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Write MapReduce programs and implementing HBase
  • Write Hive and Pig scripts

You should have knowledge of programming in C++ or Java or any other Object Oriented Programming language

Hadoop Introduction :

  • Background and Fundamentals
  • Hadoop Evolution
  • Why Hadoop ?
  • About Bigdata : volume velocity and variety of data
  • Hadoop as an ecosystem and its Daemons
  • Hadoop as a framework and its features
  • Building Hadoop cluster
  • Components in Hadoop eco System
  • Where is Hadoop used?
  • Where Hadoop is not used ?
  • Which companies are using Hadoop?
  • MapReduce Programming Model
  • MapReduce Architecture
  • MR as a Programming model
  • Various data types
  • Snippet of a MR job
  • Mapper, Reducer, and Driver
  • Map side joins
  • Reduce side joins
  • Combiner class(mini reducer)
  • Distributed cache
  • Partitions wrt performance optimization
  • HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • significance of HDFS
  • Features of HDFS
  • Daemons of Hadoop
  • Namenode
  • Datanode
  • Secondary Namenode
  • Job Tracker
  • Task Tracker
  • Accessing HDFS through CLI
  • Data storage in HDFS replication and blocks


2) Hive

  • Hive Introduction
  • Hive Architecture
  • Hive Query Language (HiveQL) as SQL Dialect
  • Hive as a warehouse
  • Queries in Hive
  • Loading data from various sources into Hadoop
  • various Joins
  • Functions in Hive
  • User defined functions in Hive (UDF)
  • Data Types in Hive
  • Complex data types in Hive
  • working with views in Hive
  • Buckets in Hive
  • Hive Serde


3) Pig

  • Why Pig when we can work with Hive
  • Similarities between Hive and Pig
  • Differences between hive and Pig
  • Pig Architecture
  • Loading data from various sources into Pig
  • Pig Scripting
  • User defined functions in Pig
  • Working with Complex data types
  • How to store the processed data by Pig permanently ?


4) Sqoop

  • Introduction to Sqoop
  • Sqoop an utility tool
  • Working with various RDMSs
  • Working with MySql database practical scenario
  • Various import scenarios
  • Export data


5) Oozie

  • Usage in live scenarios
  • a scheduling tool


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